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  • About Judith Garcia

    Homegrown Leader


    Judith Garcia is a native of Chelsea, MA who grew up in a proud Spanish speaking household. Raised by a single mother who emigrated from Honduras to work at a local hot-dog factory, she remains conscious of the many sacrifices parents make in hopes of reaching the American Dream.


    Judith attended Chelsea Public Schools where she excelled academically and developed her love for service at a very young age. Judith was selected as Summer Search student where she furthered her leadership skills and had the opportunity to explore life beyond her neighborhood. In 2008, Summer Search awarded her a full scholarship to do service in India working with Tibetan refugees.


    When she graduated Chelsea High School she received the Flag Award which is given to one senior who exemplifies the highest level of community involvement, tolerance, and willingness to help those less fortunate.


    Public Servant


    Judith attended Wheaton College where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies. During her years at Wheaton, she was a strong advocate of women's rights and took part in many initiatives against gender based violence.


    While pursuing her degree, Judith returned home and interned at Chelsea's Planning and Development department where she focused on improving housing conditions for residents. During her time as an intern, she was assigned to be a part of the Trash Task Force to help recreate a sustainable method to dispose of trash and enforce a recycling program in Chelsea.


    In 2011, Judith was awarded the prestigious U.S. Department of State's Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study urban planning in Oman. She became the first Hispanic American woman to work at Oman's Supreme Committee of Town Planning. Following college graduation, she traveled the world learning about tolerance, urban community revitalization and empowerment.


    Judith returned home inspired to use her skills and experience to benefit her community. She joined the renowned non-profit organization, Health Care For All, as a bilingual counselor where she helped hundreds of Massachusetts residents obtain access to affordable and quality health insurance. Having that ear to the ground and listening to the most pressing challenges community members faced is what motivated her to advocate for Chelsea residents.


    In 2015, at the age of 23, Judith decided to run for office seeking to bring authentic representation to Chelsea's City Council. She garnered 60% of the vote and increased voter turnout by 101%. Her victory garnered local, national, and international recognition.


    As the City Councilor of District 5, she is the first Honduran American woman to serve on the Chelsea City Council, as well as the youngest current member. Now, Judith dedicates her time to creating government that truly represents and works for its people.


    Her work has transcended many spheres. She has been recognized as Top 10 Latinas Think Big Innovators to Watch in 2016 by the Huffington Post and as one of El Mundo Boston's 30 Under 30 influential leaders. Most recently, she received an official Proclamation from the New York State Senate for her relentless commitment to helping the growing Honduran diaspora. In recognition of her exceptional leadership and devoted service, El Centro de MARIAS awarded her Leader of The Year 2017. In addition, she was recognized nationally by Eva Longoria's Latino Victory Project, where tribute is paid to the achievements of Latinos who are pioneers in their fields.




  • Issues

    What I care about, what I've done, and where we go from here

    Ensuring Our Residents Remain Here

    Chelsea is becoming a magnet for new opportunities and I am committed to ensure that our residents benefit from that growth. This council has pushed progressive legislation to make sure our residents remain here. That you all benefit from the economic opportunities and that your quality of life improves. This council has been focused on investing in residents – we have prioritized funding almost doubling the amount than ever before presented by any other council.


    What I've Done:

    • Voted in favor of an Inclusionary Zoning amendment  to ensure developers offer affordable units or pay a premium towards an affordable housing trust fund  
    • Committed to economic security of all residents especially our seniors by supporting the adoption of a discount on the water/sewer bill of our seniors
    • Passed the residential exemption; we minimized the tax program to increase residential exemption for FY 18 AND FY19
    • Approved $5 million of funding to revamp the Broadway Business District from City Hall to Chelsea Square
    • Worked closely with various stakeholders to include the voices of business owners, residents, our children, and seniors on ways to transform Broadway  and improve access and mobility 

    Investing In Our Kids

    When I ran for office two years ago, I ran on the premise that I wanted to help build the next generation of leaders. I kept true to my word by being a strong advocate for our schools in and out of council.


    What I've Done:


    • Prioritized funding for our schools almost doubling the amount 
    • Supported the funding and for the first time establishment of the recreational affairs division
    • I have invited high schools students to present best practices to the City Council on how to tackle issues affecting youth 
    • Volunteered at Citizens Schools where I taught an apprenticeship on Running for Office to increase civic engagement among our 5th graders
    • Served as a coach for Sole Train an after school program that uses running as a mechanism of healing 
    • Coordinated a field trip to the State House to have our kids meet their representatives  and know that they too have a voice
    Where we go from here:
    I have seen first hand how after school programs can be life changing for our kids. It is for this reason that I support the expansion of Citizens Schools Program to every middle school and every grade level. We need to work collaboratively with our youth to identify their needs and create policies that guarantee their academic success and well-being.
    Taking a pledge against gender based violence

    Protecting the Rights of All Residents

    In these challenging times, Chelsea has proven to be on the front lines of resistance. The communities we care about are under threat by the emerging divisive policies of the Trump administration: women; people of color, seniors, immigrants, LGBTQ community.


    As your City Councilor, I have remained committed to take a stand.


    What I've Done:

    • I stood side by side with HarborCov in leading the effort of taking a stand against gender based violence. For the first time, our city raised the White Ribbon Flag pledging to end violence. 
    • Supported funding for Chelsea Collaborative's citizenship classes 
    • Stood side by side and have served as an ally of the LGBTQ community on the city's first flag raising 
    • Sponsored Wage Theft Ordinance to protect the rights of workers
    I look forward to continuing individual and collective efforts to keep Chelsea a progressive, welcoming and vibrant city- for all residents.

    Improving Quality of Life

    All Chelsea residents deserve to live in a clean, healthy, affordable and safe environment. Ensuring Chelsea's city government is listening and responsive to the needs of its residents has been my commitment.


    What I've Done:

    • Approved a Capital Improvement Plan of $27 million to address everything from sidewalks to street repairs within a two year span
    • Supported the adoption of the Community Preservation Act and on election year, thanks to your support, we passed the CPA for more money on affordable housing, historic preservation, and green space
    • Helped coordinate the City's response to traffic safety concerns in the city by sponsoring legislation to reduce the speed limit to 25 MPH 
    • Worked relentlessly to address parking concerns by extending resident parking hours in key streets of my district  
    • Listened to resident feedback on snow removal and appropriated funds  to purchase a small bobcat to remove snow from sidewalks 


    Chelsea has the opportunity to become a leader in green energy infrastructure and to deepen our impact towards environmental justice. While we have made many advances, pollution and toxic environments still disproportionately affect people of color and low-income workers in our city. We need to fight back through community-driven solutions and make sure our zip codes and proximity to superfund sites does not determine our health or life expectancy.


    What I've Done:

    • Leading advocate for Chelsea’s Green Community Designation a collective effort that earned the city a grant of $312,460 to complete renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
    • I have volunteered with local non-profit organizations and other residents to clean our streets
    • Received Emergency Planning Response training to learn how to recover from various types of disasters and emergencies; and best practices for such situations.
    • Supported changes in our waste disposal contract to ensure residents receive recycling and trash barrels 
    • Listened to the concerns of Chelsea's Beautification Committee and placed "No Littering, Respect Our Neighborhood" signs in Bellingham Hill area
    I believe that we can improve our urban environment if we build upon our strong coordination between city government, health providers, nonprofits, and businesses. There is so much more than can be done especially in promoting recycling and less waste.



    Promoting Arts & Culture

    Investing in the arts and culture is pivotal to foster an environment of unity and beauty. The arts help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age.


    What I've Done

    • Supported the efforts and strongly advocated for the first Multicultural Parade in District 5 which had over 800 spectators and guests performances from international folkloric bands at the door steps of our City Hall
    •  Supported an initiative of constituents to build a "Little Library" in our community garden to promote reading 



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